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Consultancy methods

 Our consultancy methods include: working from arms-length to in-house, and for a range of short term to long term packaged support.  We can deliver solutions through  the most suitable combination of methods from: workshop facilitation, project work, interim management, hackathons, coaching, and mentoring.

We work with a positive and collaborative ethos that places us alongside our clients on a development journey. Be it a creative practice, concept, project, business enterprise, or an investor - our aim is to assist our clients to build connections, find solutions, and forge new pathways to fruition. 


  • Concept development and business planning
  • Pre-seed investment guidance and investor connections
  • Policies, procedures, and systems development
  • Product / digital / audience testing


  • Agile project management
  • Support for first time employers
  • Seed and crowdfunding advice
  • Advice and practical support for audience pitching promotional testing, and community building


  • Competitor profiling and market analysis
  • Strategy development and business planning
  • Advice and practical help in developing back-office functions
  • Grant funding, support, and investment readiness


  • Market opportunity identification and analysis
  • Innovation and change management support
  • Facilitation of collaborations and partnerships
  • Marketing, communications, and digital practical support and advice
Our Services Checklist 
After completion of a consultancy brief, objectives, expectations, and any deliverables are discussed, clarified, and agreed at the outset. Clients may select any number of services to suit a particular project. Therefore, our consultancy package can be tailored to individual needs and wishes.


  • Concept analysis and development
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning
  • Start-up / launch / legal formation options
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Governance planning and management


  • Project planning
  • Project / programme / portfolio management
  • Operational planning
  • Operational management
  • Risk management


  • Resourcing strategy development
  • Recruitment planning, advertising, and selection
  • Training and CPD analysis
  • Procurement, commissioning, and management of work / projects to contractors / agents


  • Partner / stakeholder identification and connections
  • Partner / stakeholder management
  • Supply chain development
  • Connection with potential sponsors
  • Sourcing technology solutions and tools


  • Marketing strategy
  • Communications planning
  • Exhibition / event concepts and management
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding assessment


  • Identification of funding / grants/ support / investment and influencers
  • Bid writing
  • Application appraisal
  • Pitching preparation / rehearsal / feedback


  • Audience analysis
  • Audience development
  • Community engagement
  • Digital user experience testing


  • Research and information analysis
  • Commissioning of primary research
  • Secondary / desk research
  • Compilation of evidence


  • Commercial strategy development
  • Income generation / business development
  • Assessment and expansion of digital channels

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