Creative Fruit is a consultancy for   

creative and technology   
studios, practitioners and investors 

We help you in your journey of growth across commerce, content,  and community.


Concept, project, and business development


Market, audience, and community building


Supplier, people, and funding management


Supporting collaborators and growth

Creative & Digital tech SUPPORt

We offer a range of creative and business services that can support your evolving needs, as they diversify over time to suit the growth and scale stage of your business and the project type.

If you're at the start-up or growth stage where you need support to help launch or run your business, event or project we can help. If you're at the in-between stage of a growing your studio team, or as a practitioner you are considering hiring a management team, we can be that outsourcing resource solution.  Then we can help you recruit your employees and advisory team, when you're ready for that transition.

We welcome working with potential investors and benefactors interested in: investing in, partnering with, or sponsoring innovative creative or tech companies, events or charitable causes.  We can help discover such opportunities that suit your objectives with our research and analysis, and we can help support those companies you have already invested in with their start-up and scaling challenges.   We can also investigate charitable and crowdfunding opportunities for you to support. 

We also have experience working with third sector organisations at an operational, trustee and board level and can help you grow your governance, operational and fundraising activities

Our team's background experience is rich across: creative, digital and immersive technology projects. We have worked in: corporate, studio, and enterprise environments, and in hybrid partnerships with educational and government establishments.  

The combined experience of our team is across roles as: CEO, Commercial Director, Business Advisor, Event Director, Talent Manager and as practitioners, advisors, managers and mentors in creative and tech fields. Discover more about our Founding team below and in our brochure.


Our experience with innovative creative and tech projects and events includes: 3d, immersive, VR/AR, haptics, music, screen, animation, AI, IOT and fashion,  


We have experience as managers and agents of creative practitioners: across music, animation, fashion, and stage and screen as well as having performers within the team.

Investors / Benefactors

We have experience gaining and awarding public funds and obtaining private investment funds as well as sponsorship.  So we have relevant knowledge and skills to support your investment journey.

Charities / Social Enterprise

We can assist third sector organisations that have creative and/or technology related activities.


Leadership, project and innovation management; business and economic development; and strategic and commercial partnerships.
Ben Westland Delivery Lead
Relationship, community and event development; innovative digital user design scoping, platform testing, culture building and adoption.
Jayne Coulthard Client Relations Lead
Administration, project coordination, branding assessment, screen arts and media production, writing and editing, performing arts, and talent management.
Belinda Love Media Lead