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Concept, project, and business development


Market, audience, and community building


Supplier, people, and funding management


Supporting collaborators and growth

Our consultancy is your
Analysis of your creative business
We work with a positive and collaborative ethos that places us alongside our clients on a development journey. Be it a creative practice, concept, project, business enterprise, or an investor - our aim is to assist our clients to build connections, find solutions, and forge new pathways to fruition.
Our consultancy is your
Creative investor opportunities
We welcome working with potential investors and benefactors interested in collaborating with or sponsoring creative projects.
Supporting a creative practice, project, or business enterprise can be a meaningful way to contribute to our world - by championing a unique creative concept to exist and share it with our fellow humans.  
  • Enable an art exhibition
  • Invest in a musician
  • Support a craftsperson
  • Promote a creative business
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Creative Fruit
Project Delivery Lead with a background in leadership, project and innovation management; business and economic development; and strategic and commercial partnerships.
Ben Westland Delivery Lead
Background in business administration; project coordination; branding assessment; screen arts and media production; writing and editing; performing arts; and talent management.
Belinda Love Media Lead       
Business Development Lead with a background in relationship, community and network development; innovation adoption; culture building; and digital design and testing.
Jayne Coulthard Business Development Lead      
Background in internationalisation and exporting; fashion, music and sales management and promotion; commercial negotiations, deals and contracts.
Martha Lucia Bruce International Business Lead